Thursday, June 21, 2012

A little introduction

First things first, right? Who the hell am I? Why am I writing a blog? I hope in this first post to address some questions and then delve into the nitty gritties of M1 (<-- if you don't know what that means then probably the rest of this blog will be uninteresting to you either that or you call it MS1 and now I'm judging you.

Who am I? I have just kicked off what I have been told by many is the last summer of my entire life because my first year of medical school has just ended, so to answer your question: medical student (and for the uppity follow up lurking in some of your minds: I attend an allopathic medical school in the United States in a large Urban city)

What is this blog about? This blog will help document what I have experienced in the last year which was my first year of medical school as well as into the future as I progress through the remainder of my medical education.  Although I in the future I hope to mix in some posts that are in real time as things occur--for the first year I jotted some journal entries down and hope that using the added benefit of hindsight will be able to present a more complete picture of what this year was.  That being said this is in no way meant to lump all medical school experiences into one, this is my own personal journey and I hope to share the things that I learned, my successes and failures, random thoughts I had etc.  

Why am I doing this? I wanted to consolidate all my thoughts about this year into a format I could refer back to, I want to be able to reflect back on my naivety as I progress through this and hopefully have a way of keeping myself connected to the youthful energy and passion that I brought with me in this process. 

What does the title of this blog mean? I wanted to have a title that encapsulated exactly how I felt about the academic path I have chosen.  Much like the literary character Godot and MD seems like such a highly elusive and esoteric concept to me.  Most of my life I thought that once I entered medical school I would feel different, that I would feel like a future doctor and right now I don't and thus I am waiting for MD both figuratively and literally. 

I want to thank you for sharing your time with me and I encourage each one of you to share your own stories, pointers, tips, questions and experiences as well.

Happy Reading

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