Thursday, March 20, 2014

Notable Quotables: SC

"You have to decide and ask yourself. Am I starting from scratch with this patient or am I merely laying a hand as they pass by ?
- S.C. [Psychiatrist]

An amazing attending I had an opportunity to work with during my inpatient psychiatry rotation once mentioned this in reference to a new admission that came in.  He made this distinction which really opened my eyes up to evaluating your role as a physician, I hadn't realized how much this can vary based on the context in which you are seeing a patient.  The outlook and management you would exercise in a patient who is routinely yours, one that you see in the office once a month who happens to be hospitalized for acute stabilization will be 180 degrees different from a patient that was brought to your hospital because thats where the ambulance came and usually receives care from an outpatient doctor 80 miles north of where you are.  

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