Friday, June 20, 2014

Notable Quotables: A.D.

"The basics are the most important thing you will ever learn.  You will never rise to the occasion, you will always sink to the level of your training

- A.D. [Trauma Surgeon]

I had the opportunity to see a Grand Round lecture done by a prominent Trauma Surgeon who is nationally renowned.  At the start of his lecture he did a brief overview of the basic physiology that is associated with "doing the ABCs" (I'll get to that in another post but in short the first things that need to be assessed in a trauma patient are A: Airway, B: Breathing and C: circulation).  This one liner from him really struck me.  It reminded me not to cut corners in my training because this is the time to meticulously go through every single step.  In the event of a true emergency I can rely on myself and know that no matter what there is a certain algorithm that I can trust that was followed.

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