Saturday, March 15, 2014

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

I was hesitant to use the title I did for this post, because it sounds disrespectful.  I wanted to address the fact before I delved into this post.   The title really captures the essence of the message I am trying to deliver and that is why I put it there.  On to other things . . . 

One of the greatest parts of third year--for me at least--has been how each of us is starting to carve our own path.  As M1s most of us started out with either no clue what we wanted or a vague idea of what that might be. Slowly we began collecting little nuggets of advice and experience that have further nudged us down a certain path.

The divergence really begins to come to a head as everyone has a few rotations under their belts.  I am astounded at how diametrically opposite peoples experiences and reactions to those experiences have been.  Arguably the most interesting part of third year thus far has been seeing people develop their own passions and interests.

Conversations with my peers about any certain speciality is sure to produce a chorus of "Oh I thought it was awesome", "I could never . . . " and "meh" all around the table.  I can't get enough of it.  Its fantastic to see that inner curiously and passion being rekindled in us as we are finally making this final trek through med school.

With match day just around the corner for the M4s I'm ecstatic to see what they all pick.  I know its still a year off for us but seeing the class just one year senior to us match is mind blowing.  They're students we actually know, people we have come to for advice about classes and rotation sites; friends.  Now they're going to be real life doctors, hoping for the next 12 months to go by lightning speed.

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